How to Enable offline sync vDesigner?

How to Enable offline sync in vDesigner app?



@aakriti.kamboj Can you please explain in brief what you want to exactly what’s your business functionality.

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When a person completes a form, they need a stable network connection to submit the data. However, there are situations where a person may not have access to a network when filling out forms. In such cases, it would be incredibly convenient if there were a feature that allowed people to complete forms offline and have their data automatically saved for submission once they regain network connectivity.

@Vishal_Chakarvarti I hope the condition is clear now?


Ok @aakriti.kamboj I am not sure but trying to first check Office Access Required is Checked or Not from the Download Section. SS attached for your reference.

you have to follow below steps : -

Step 1 : -Offline Access Required Should be Checked from the Download section.
Step2 : - Download APK by increment by version name and version number.
Step3: - You have to also apply the view sync details task on the basis of user command offline data could be picked from offline storage to online.


Thanks Vishal, In addition to above explanation this will enable the offline working in the application. Means after logging in for the first time next time user will be able to login via fingerprint or pattern or local password based authentication.
But for enabling offline sync which is basically sending information/data to server in a timed manner. For that there is a specific set of information you need to fill in to enable it. There is a module named Sync Engine Mobile app, check screenshot below:

After going into the module you need to add new or edit default sync processes. Check screenshit below: