How to disable a button for a particular time period in VDesigner 2.0

How to disable a button for a particular time period in VDesigner 2.0.

Hi @Jagat.chaudhary , welcome to the community. Could you please explain what you want to achieve here?

  1. please explain the task you want to achieve and its objective.
  2. the steps you have followed

Hi @Jagat.chaudhary,

You can achieve the desired functionality using the Timer element with the following configuration steps:

  1. Add Timer Element: Drop the Timer element onto the canvas.
  2. Configure Timer Properties:
  • Select the ‘Type’ & ‘Format’ parameters based on your requirement.
  • Use the ‘STATIC’ function in the “Count Time (Ss)” property to define the timer’s duration. For example, to set a 30-second timer:
  1. Start Timer on Page Load:
  • Use the “onPageCreate” event on the page level to start the timer when the page loads.
  • Create a task group containing the ‘Timer’ task and drop the Timer task into the Execution pane. Configure the ‘Action’ parameter of the Timer task to start the timer.
  • Select the Timer element on the screen.
  1. Disable a Button:
  • Drop a button element onto the canvas.

  • Select the button element and un-check the ‘Enable’ property of the button.

  • Configure the button’s onClick event to create a task group containing the “Enable/Disable” task. Select the button element in the “Enable Elements” parameter and save.

By following these steps, you can implement a timer that starts on page load and disables a button after a specified duration.