How to create Rest / Soap API in vConnect?

how-to create Rest / Soap API in vConnect?

  1. Click on API management & click “Add New API”

  2. Select API type - REST / SOAP

  3. You can see tabs here – API Request Details, End Point Details, End Point Header Details.

  4. Click on “API Request Details”. Enter API Name

  5. Click on “End Point Details”. You can see 3 broad sections – URL Details, Connection Details, and Request Transformation

  6. Under “URL Details”, click on the “+” icon (add URL variable) in the URL field.

  7. Click “Submit” to create the URL variable successfully.

  8. Copy and paste the request URL in the “Sandbox” field & any name in the “Variable” field.

  9. Select the desired URL from the select value field under the URL details section.

  10. Select “Request Type” and “Method”

  11. Click on “End Point Header Details”. You can add/edit/ remove multiple header details in this section.

  12. Fill in header details:

  • Enter Name
  • Select Source of Value (Constant/ Header/ Builtin/ Request_Body/ Environment)
  1. For this use case, you can select “Constant” and enter the value.
  2. Click on “Save”.
  3. API created successfully