How to create Entity and why it is required in vahana 1.0

why entity relationship is required and how to use it


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In programming, an entity typically refers to an object or data structure that represents a distinct, identifiable item, concept, or thing in the real world or in a software application. Entities are used to model and represent different aspects of a system, and they can have attributes and behaviours associated with them.

Entities are a fundamental concept in object-oriented programming (OOP) and are used to create classes, which are blueprints for creating instances (objects) of those entities. For example, in a banking application, an “Account” entity might have attributes like account number, account holder name, and balance, as well as behaviors like deposit and withdrawal.

In vDesigner 1,

 Goto Left Panel -> Modules -> Entity and Relationships -> Enter Details for your entity

Please check the image

Why Entities are required?
Entities are required to club common information in one object.

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In addition to above explanation, In vDesigner If someone wants to interact with any records or an array then entity is used. Whenever you are working on a business use case there will be one Parent entity /business object that will be used specific to that transaction.
For Example if someone’s use case is to open an account then parent entity can be AOF (Account opening form) which will have all the details of a form specific to that transaction.

Further If someone want to interact with array in that object for ex array of personal details then releationship will be used as AOF as Parent and PD(Personal Details) as child.

You can refer to the vDesigner document for the same.
Link are below:
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