How to configure Dynamic toast/pop-up for SPMBINSERTAOFOBJDATA API

We are using the default service SPMBINSERTAOFOBJDATA to submit form data in the vDesigner mobile app and are using Vahana 1.0
Our requirement is to show dynamic message on screen to the user as received from the API.
We are able to do it for customer APIs but unable to configure this for the default submission API.
Please suggest if there is a way.



It might not be the exact answer of your query, but might help you in understanding the context better.

  1. SPMBINSERTAOFOBJDATA is a default service. But Platform is not binded with this name or you can say this is not hardcoded anywhere. You can change the details of this service as per your need.
  2. When this service is used: When you are using Offline Sync functionality in your Application then vDesigner APK keep storing the data in local database of Mobile and Sync Module of vDesigner sends the data to server in background using Service SPMBINSERTAOFOBJDATA.
  3. If you want to change the name of this service then you can go to Sync Engine Config module in Vahana and can change it.
  4. Regarding your query: Instead of Background sync (which is trigged by Sync Module), you can initiate the Sync on user defined event as well. Means, on a click of a button you can initiate this sync and can handle the response of SPMBINSERTAOFOBJDATA service and show message to customer.

In Addition to above revert, You need to make changes in default service. Change it to trigger via task, There is a sync task available for the same, you can update the name of your service and make sure to on the SYNC Sequentially radio button.
By using above mechanism you will be able to configure the task after sync is completed. Using a Dynamic message from response will not be possible for Sync functionality as it is a default process and in designer there is no option available to parse it’s response. For that you need to replace the syncing mechanism to api calling. For that some complex implementation is required, that too record wise.