How to configure bread crumbs

how to configure bread crumbs, and is there a way to display it only on selected pages


To configure Breadcrumbs in vFlow:

  1. Navigate to Custom Pages and add a Custom Entity named BREADCRUMB.
  2. Mention the basic properties such as Name, Description and Template.
  3. Select options in the Configuration section as per the requirement.
  4. Once Breadcrumb Custom Page configuration is done, submit the page and bind this page in the App Entity Dependents section.
  5. The text that is visible on the page must be configured on the page itself.
    Page > Basic > Breadcrumb

Description of properties mentioned in the Configuration section of Breadcrumb Custom Page:

  • Show Breadcrumb on Mobile and Show Breadcrumb on Tablet:
    This will show the breadcrumb on both mobile and tablet devices by default.
    To hide the breadcrumb on mobile, uncheck the ‘Show Breadcrumb on Mobile’ checkbox.
    To hide the breadcrumb on tablet, uncheck the ‘Show Breadcrumb on Tablet’ checkbox.

  • Separator:
    Consists of list of separator icons. This icon will be seen as a separator between two breadcrumb values

  • Event Type:
    Clickable: Allows user to click the Breadcrumb path and navigate to the page
    Non Clickable: Click functionality will not be allowed. Only Breadcrumb path will be visible to the user.

  • Display Home as ICON: By selecting this a Home icon will be visible on the first landing page

  • Home Type and Icon Name: Used to set the desired icon as Home icon

Once breadcrumb is configured and mapped in the Application entity, it will be visible for all the pages.


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