How to choose only 2 checkboxes out of 4

There are 4 checkboxes out of which the user can select exactly any 2 checkboxes and at its On Click event, the open camera task will run and the user will click the picture, if images in any 2 checkboxes are successfully captured it will enable the proceed button.

Hi @Tanuj_Tayal, Welcome to the Community!

To achieve this functionality, First map a list on your canvas and add elements like checkboxes, text, and images as per your UI requirement. And, then configure a JSON, which can be like this
“Checkbox”: " "
“Text”: “Left Middle finger”,
“Image”: " URL"

After Configuring JSON, we will map two tasks on the OnClick event of the checkbox which are Open Camera and Load Entity.
Open Camera is for capturing images of the user.
Load Entity, will create an object for that particular image in the response array, and store the image in that array for future implementation of Business Rules.

To configure the Load Entity task,
In Select Entity, Choose the entity in which you want your image to be saved.
In Data Path, enter the entity’s attribute name that the application will access to load the data.

After this, we will configure a BR for the restriction. so, that user can only choose 2 checkboxes. Now, the Load Entity will save your response in an entity that you provide to it.
so, configure a BR if the value of that Entity has two 2 values then the checkbox should be disabled.