How many screen type are available

How many screen type are available on the vDesigner

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There are 3 type of screens available.

  1. Full Form
  2. Child Form
  3. Popup Form

There are 3 types available in vDesigner 1.0:

  1. Full Form: This will cover the whole screen and by default action bar will be available. You can’t configure the height width of screen.
  2. Child Form: This will cover half of the screen and action bar will be shown by default. The only difference is due to height only other that that it is similar to full form.
  3. PopUp Form: This kind of form is shown on the top of previous form. You can see some faded background of previous form. You can configure its height and width. Action bar is also optional.
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Can we add some screenshots here?

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Yes @DebugHorror , Below is the screenshot attached FYI. there is an option available “Type of Form”

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I mean how will it look on mobile :slight_smile:

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Below are the screenshot :
Full Form :

Child form :

popup form :