How does "Grid List" element works in Designer 2.0?

How does “Grid List” element works in Designer 2.0 ?

Grid elements are components used in web design to create structured, flexible layouts.Grid layout helps organize content on a webpage in rows and columns.

Here are the step by step config for Grid_list in designer 2.0 :

  1. Drag and drop the required UI elements (like Grid_List) onto the canvas.

  2. You have to decide the Count in row (Number of cards in one row) and item height (height of cards) in case of Grid_list
    Screenshot from 2024-05-27 14-40-47

  3. Now, You can pass the data as a static or dynamic in the grid_list

  4. I am passing entity for dynamic data in the “data store” tab (Data is populating in entity from API)

  5. Now, you output will look like this :

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