How do I automatically navigate to other page using Timer?

There is a timer mapped on my page, and as soon I reach to that particular page the timer starts. Now, I want my user to navigate to next page as soon as the timer completes 60 seconds.

  1. Begin by dragging and dropping the timer element onto the canvas to integrate it into your project.

  2. Navigate to the “Count Time” panel within the properties section and set the timer to “Static(60,number)” to initialize it with a static value of 60 seconds.

  3. Configure the timer task to start when the page is created. You can achieve this by setting the timer task within the “OnPageCreate” event handler.

  4. Access the “Action” tab and select “Start” as the action type. Then, choose the timer element you placed on the canvas from the dropdown list labeled “Timer Element.”

  5. After selecting the timer element, navigate to its properties and set a navigation task to occur when the timer finishes. This involves selecting the “onFinished” event and configuring it to trigger a navigation action.

  6. Upon completing these steps, your application will automatically navigate to the designated destination screen once the timer reaches zero, providing a seamless user experience.

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