Google Calendar integration in vDesigner 1.0

Is there any integration between Google calendar and vDesigner mobile application? If yes, how to use it.


The answer is yes.

Google calendar can be integrated as a web view as Google provide a way for it.

@aakriti.kamboj @simran.sachdeva any idea how to do it in designer 1?

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Thanks @DebugHorror : There are multiple tasks available for Google Calender integration. There is no default calendar component available but that you can manage via custom webview and for registering any event or meeting, to send invites to other that can be done via tasks. Below is the documentation:

Calendar events allow us to create, modify, delete and query all events on your device calendar. It uses platform-specific API to perform operations on your device calendar.

Supported Tasks :

  1. Register Event(Calendar)
  2. Update Event(Calendar)
  3. Delete Event(Calendar)
  4. Get All Events(Calendar)

Supported date formats :

  1. dd-MM-yyyy
  2. yyyy-MM-dd
  3. dd/MM/yyyy
  4. yyyy/MM/dd

Supported time formats :

  1. hh : mm (24-hour format) eg. 18:20
  2. hh : mm aa (AM or PM) eg. 6:20 PM


  1. For any configuration related document please visit :

  1. In order to work this properly on iOS devices please make sure the user has synced its calendar with iCloud.

Steps to sync:

Settings → iCloud → Apps using iCloud → Calendar