Features of vFlow

What are the main Features of vFlow


The vFlow module incorporates the following features:

  • Easy-to-use drag and drop facility to design cost effective applications quickly
  • Connected and seamless journey by using different interconnected entities through unique ID(s)
  • Provides several in-built templates to design user-centric workflow
  • Allows users to configure multiple landing pages based on different user-roles
  • Includes layout engine to design functional behavior at the page, form, and modal level
  • Allows the users to create multiple sections and field sets in a page layout
  • Offers re-rendering that allows users to reuse a page, components, or element.
  • Helps integrate the front-end application with the vConnect middleware to transport data between client and server
  • Allows user to configure events such as click on, blur on, change on, etc.
  • Incorporates theme-based templates with multi-color options
  • Easy and instant configuration-level migration across multiple environments on the Vahana platform