Establish a hierarchy in the different List of Values (LOV)

We would like to establish a hierarchy in the List of Values (LOV). For instance, when the Gender is set to “Male,” I want the Title LOV to display only “Mr” and not “Miss,” “Ms,” or “Mrs.”

How can I configure this hierarchy within the LOV Management module?

Yes, you can configure hierarchies within the List of Values (LOV) Management module to establish relationships between different LOVs. This allows you to control which values are displayed based on the selection of a parent value. Here’s how you can set up this hierarchy in the LOV Management module:

  1. Access the Admin Portal: Log in to the admin portal & go to LOV Management module where you have the authority to configure LOV.

  2. Define Parent-Child Relationship:

  • Parent LOV: When configuring a specific LOV (e.g., “Title”), you will find a field called “Parent LOV.” This field allows you to establish the relationship between this LOV and another LOV (e.g., “Gender”).
  • Select Parent Values: In the “Title” LOV, you’ll select the “Gender” LOV as its parent. This means that the “Title” LOV will display values based on the selection in the “Gender” LOV.
  1. Configuring Child LOV Values:
  • Within the “Title” LOV Values section, you can now set up child values and associate them with the corresponding parent values. For example:
    • For the “Title” LOV Value MR, parent (Gender) should be “Male,” so select the Male in Parent.
    • For the “Title” LOV Value MRS, MS, MISS, parent (Gender) should be “Female,” so select the Femalein Parent.

By configuring the parent-child relationship in this manner, you ensure that the “Title” LOV displays specific values based on the selection made in the “Gender” LOV.