Entities are not visible in Elements

I want to link the entity to the element but it is not visible in the dropdown. What are the different possible ways to figure out this problem?



Firstly you need to create an entity and data models.

This process will allow you to see an entity link in your dropdown menu.

  1. Create an Entity:

  1. Bind the Entity to Data Models:
    • Once the entity is created, you need to bind it to data models.
    • Go to the data model section of Data modeler.
    • Create or select data models where you want to bind that entity.
    • Link the entity to these data models.

  1. Bind Data Models to Your Application:
    • Now that your entity is bound to the necessary data models, it’s time to integrate these into your application.

  1. Verify Entity Link in Dropdown:
    • After completing the previous steps, you should now be able to see the entity link in your dropdown menu.

@aakriti.kamboj, You created “Data-model” in “GlobalFintechFestival” workspace, and in the designer you are on “AakritiOAE” workspace.
Both workspaces are different So, it is necessary that one workspace-level entity are visible on another workspace level designer app?


No, we can’t be able to see same entities in different workspaces.

Here i provided different screenshots because I haven’t use that in that application. That screenshot was an example only.


Got it @aakriti.kamboj and thanks for sharing such a thoughtful example.