Define some additional attributes with LOV Values

We need to set specific attributes for different options of a LOV. Take “Occupation” as an example of LOV, with values like “Self Employed,” “Salaried,” “Politician,” and “Crypto Currency.”

For each occupation value, we want to assign a risk score. For instance, “Salaried” might have a low risk score, while “Crypto Currency” might have a high risk score.

How can we assign these extra attributes to each occupation value?

Yes, you can assign extra attributes to each value in a List of Values (LOV) in the admin portal. This allows you to provide additional information or metadata for each LOV value. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Portal: Log in to admin portal, where you have access to LOV Management module.

  2. Select the Appropriate LOV: Choose the LOV for which you want to assign extra attributes. In your example, let’s say you’re working with the “Occupation” LOV.

  3. Define Extra Attributes: In the LOV Values section, there should be an option or button that allows you to define additional attributes for each LOV value. These attributes are typically set as key-value pairs. For each occupation value, you can specify a key (e.g., “Risk Score”) and its corresponding value (e.g., “Low” for “Salaried” and “High” for “Crypto Currency”).

  4. Ensure Uniqueness: It’s important to make sure that the attributes you define are unique for each LOV value. This ensures that each value has its own set of attributes, and you can easily access this additional information when needed.

By assigning these extra attributes, you can provide specific details, such as risk scores, to each LOV value within the “Occupation” LOV. This additional information can be used for various purposes, including data analysis, decision-making, or customizing how each value is treated within your application.