Customisation of Dashboard

How can we customise the Dashboard(Landing Page) of vDesigner 1?

Firstly, you have to create a new form/screen, which you want to show on your Landing Page.

For customization Landing page, pls follow these steps:

  1. In vdesigner, click on [YOUR APPLICATION NAME] in your left side then App Definition Form opens.
  2. In Dashboard type dropdown, you can choose custom (if you want to customise the landing screen).
  3. Map that Form id into Form Id (for custom dashboard).

Then click on SAVE.

Use the below documentation for reference:

Custom Dashboard is a feature provided so that one can configure a dashboard to their liking as a form and assign the form id in the app level config to replace the default dashboard.

Steps to configure a custom dashboard:-

Step 1: Click on the app name (beside the Add Screen button) to open app level config.

Step 2: Scroll down and you will come accross two fields Dashboard Type(Dropdown) and Form Id (Textfield).

Dashboard Type:- this dropdown is used to select whether you want a custom dashboard or

the default dashboard.

Form Id:- this field is to specify which form to be used for the custom dashboard inplace of

the default dashboard. This is only required if the Dashboard Type is custom.

Step 3: Migrate the configuration from publish components section.