Can we copy the text to clipboard in vflow

Is there an option to copy some text visible on the screen or in a pop-up window like a URL which the user wants to use to send to a customer.


Yes, you can execute a task in vFlow to copy text to clipboard.

Go to taskgroup in vFlow , Click Add task Group

Then you will find the task in Drop-down (Copy_to_clipboard).

Then in configuration choose the Datatype-

Fixed : It allows to define a static value that they want to be copied.
JSON : It allows to define the path of the element from which they want to copy the data.

Then, in Copy from Path - You can define the value in this parameter which you want to be copied.

Then, In last bind the taskgroup in Event and bind the event on the button or anywhere you want to execute.


Also, you can find the proper documentation at below link-