Border Radius for Elements

In the border-radius field, we are currently only accepting integers. This can make it difficult to determine the appropriate value needed to achieve a perfectly circular image. For example, if I have a rectangular image with dimensions 40x52 and I want to turn it into a circular image, what should the ideal border radius be?


one thing you can do is to make that rectangle a square with the larger side as the square’s width. in this case it would be 52, now in the image property select fit type as cover and set the border radius as 26


This will show some empty as image is rectangular so it totally depends whether you want to have radius of 20 or 26.

Radius 20 will crop some image and 26 will add some extra space.

Your choice.

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@DebugHorror if we select the cover option in fit type the image gets resize to cover the whole element, this will crop some part of image but not that much.

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