Assign a lead/aof/laf/case to a specific Location & Role & User combination using Access Control

We want to assign a lead or case to specific Location & User when on the basis of a event ( you can say On Approval). Is this possible using ACL module in Workflow?

Yes, you can achieve this using the ACL module in the Workflow.

How to Achieve this:

  1. Access the Admin Portal:
  • Log in to the Admin Portal where you can manage the ACL and Workflow settings.
  1. Event Mapping:
  • Navigate to the Event Mapping section within the Admin Portal.
  1. Map Task Status Update:
  • Locate the specific event you want to trigger the assignment based on, for example, “On Approval” or “On Reject.”
  • Map the Task Status Update to this event.
  1. Configure Execution Type:
  • Select the execution type as “Manual.”
  • In this setting, you can specify the conditions and criteria that need to be met for the assignment to occur.
  1. Select Location, Role & User:
  • Choose the location or context, Role, and User in which you want this event to be triggered.
  1. Save Configuration:
  • Once you’ve set up the event mapping, execution type, location, role, user, and any necessary conditions, click the “Save” button to save your configuration.